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As human beings we are made of matter and energy that is designed to flow in a balanced way, the result being an optimal state, psychically, physically, emotionally, and energetically.The key to optimal experience and performance is the harnessing of flow; selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness within everyday experience.

The blocks to this however are numerous, from physical and emotional pain to a lack of clarity and grounding, all of which can be attributed to an energetic imbalance on the level at which the problem exists. The solution therefore is in accurately diagnosing the issue, then applying the appropriate antidote.

On the subtlest level, the key can be found in the realm of vibration. Vibration informs the physical, like notes being played in a scale or the weight of elements in the periodic table, how you isolate, pair and harmonize vibrations are the building blocks of nature. We experience vibration most readily through scent and sound, but on a subtle level it informs the currents of electro magnetic energy that flow through the body as well.

Because vibration is infinite in nature, it proves to be a wonderful tool to unlock patterns of disharmony, like an antigen, vibratory resonance is akin to a lock and key, the right vibration will unlock the pattern.
We need to look no further than the body to discern the vibratory keys of our optimal being, the chakra system, the nadis in hatha yoga, or the meridian system in Chinese Medicine, all share a common understanding of how energy flows optimally in the human body.

This energy then constitutes the sheaths or layers that compose our beings, physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At any point in time, one or more of those sheaths can be imbalanced so like strings of a guitar, we listen to what string is not in harmony with the others and tune it to a frequency that resonates with the rest, to bring the whole being into balance.

However an important tenant of holistic medicine is that health and well being, (not disease and suffering ) is our natural state and we simply need to remind our being of what it is inherently, to begin the subtle and natural healing process. We are not supplementing what is missing, we are bringing our awareness to and reclaiming the disassociated aspects of ourselves (the parts that are in pain ) and returning them back to the whole. We do this most effectively through vibration.

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