"During our first consultation, Erin explained to me that she used acupuncture as a context for her work. This didn't feel strange to me when she said it but made much more sense immediately when the work began.

As an acupuncturist I experienced Erin as confident, blithe, and deeply effective:  which to me felt due to a combination of trust in her intuition and the sense that she was really inside the situation with me. That we were side by side truly looking directly at the blockage which I had come to her to address.

I left the first session feeling lighter but also more acutely aware of the roots of what had brought me there. I decided to call Erin and ask her advise about how to proceed. We spoke for two hours and finally scheduled a second session. When we met a few days later, my situation which felt like a mountain just a week before now felt like what she referred to cheerfully just as a little piece of something undigested. Another half hour of treatment and I felt a deep sense that something massive that I had been dragging had just been let go.

It feels important to communicate that Erin is always working. From the first moment of conversation she begins to construct the context for the healing to occur. Her passion drives her to the heart of the matter and her integrity obliges her to stay there until the job is done. Her level of empathy and vulnerability feels rare in my experience and the consequence of our meeting is a monumental expansion in my perspective.”


"The first time I worked with Erin, I was struggling with thinking constantly and doing almost nothing. After a few short minutes and few brief exchanges to begin, Erin grabbed the root of my problem and dug and pulled, and pulled and dug, and then put me back into the ground. By the time she was done, I saw my problem clearly, had a powerful image of how I can be different, and homework that helped me to change the way I interpreted and acted in the world through concrete, physical actions. And she did this with big smiles and constant laughter. Amazing!"


“Erin is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. With warmth, wisdom and humor she helps you observe your own experience - and implements subtle realignments to help your life flow. Each time I see Erin is different, though she always provides just what I need - at the edge of what I can handle. Go see Erin. Only good will come of it.”


“I started working with Erin just a few weeks ago, but ever since the first time she worked with me, my energy levels have been way, way up. That’s ultimately who I am— it’s my natural state— but I haven’t felt like that in a sustained way for a very long time. Living in a city and engaging in an intense life can wear you out, and Erin has shifted things enormously for me. I feel clear and light and happy. I feel in tune with my intuition. I feel creative and more comfortable facing my fears. It’s really fun to be living in such high vibrations, and also really helpful in terms of realizing my essence in this world. I’m grateful!”


"I’ve been seeing acupuncturists for years and Erin Yee is no ordinary practitioner. In addition to traditional acupuncture, Erin integrated other modalities, such as her unique approach to aromatherapy. 

I found Erin to be highly professional, effective and would recommend her to everyone.”


“When I first came to work with Erin Yee, I was dealing with true anxiety and the slew of physical delights that it brings in tow-- headaches, muscle tension, TMJ, poor digestion. Acupuncture had worked to temporarily relieve my symptoms in the past, but the work that Erin does is exceptional and the best I've ever encountered. Rather than just address current symptoms, her work has helped me chart a course towards long-term balance and health. 


Erin's treatments often lead me to realize that the physical pains in my body are often emblematic of a larger imbalance in my life. In addition to her traditional acupuncture expertise, Erin is an intuitive healer; it seems like she will often describe how I am feeling, accurately, before I open my mouth. I leave every session feeling both energized and also meditative. The work she does helps me do my best work without losing balance. My boyfriend has come to find Erin's work invaluable, too, and visits her every week. It's worth mentioning that my boyfriend is a professional cynic who only goes to hot yoga because the rest of it is "too new age and not useful." Erin Yee has a gift, and if you can work with her, you should!”




"I never understood perfume. I have bought a few ornate bottles in the past; they look great on the shelf. I have tried to wear it because I thought that it's what ladies DO. But it never really clicked. Until I met Erin. This is not perfume. This is my uniquely designed Soul Scent. What Erin does is get to know you--your energy --your heart--your passions--and your needs. Then she goes into her laboratory and slips into Flow State with you on the forefront. What she creates is a scent designed for you and only you. And I am never without it. I use it. As a tool. Before The Class and after, for invitation and protection, for awakening and soothing. I never understood perfume. Because what I was looking for wasn't that at all. Thank you for your teachings and your gifts, Erin."


“Erin developed a custom oil for me based on scents I like, and addressing current issues in my life. The result is amazing- I love this scent but I could have never dreamed it up on my own. The scent has kept me grounded while facing some challenges in my life. I am new to aromatherapy but after this experience I am very interested in learning more- Erin's custom-made scent helped open my eyes to the power of this modality. Erin is a very knowledgeable and intuitive healer.”


"I found out about Erin’s work via Instagram. Going through a transformation of connecting and aligning deeper with myself, I contacted Erin. Fragrances have always accompanied me and the thought of having one tailored to me and tailed to me on my transformation path sounded absolutely amazing.
Even through eMail and text messages, Erin instantly radiated warmth and was very quick in her responses. In a phone conversation, I shared with her what I liked and where I envisioned for my path to go. What I received I couldn’t have imagined in a million years. It is a unique creation and it’s perfect. I cannot get enough of it; it feels like me. I’m very grateful for Erin’s magic."