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Image by Mohammad Alizade




"It feels important to communicate that Erin is always working. From the first moment of conversation she begins to construct the context for the healing to occur. Her passion drives her to the heart of the matter and her integrity obliges her to stay there until the job is done. Her level of empathy and vulnerability feels rare in my experience and the consequence of our meeting is a monumental expansion in my perspective.”


“Erin is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. With warmth, wisdom and humor she helps you observe your own experience - and implements subtle realignments to help your life flow. ”



“Erin has shifted things enormously for me. I feel clear and light and happy. I feel in tune with my intuition. I feel creative and more comfortable facing my fears.”


"I’ve been seeing acupuncturists for years and Erin Yee is no ordinary practitioner. In addition to traditional acupuncture, Erin integrated other modalities, such as her unique approach to aromatherapy. ”


"The work that Erin does is exceptional and the best I've ever encountered. Her treatments often lead me to realize that the physical pains in my body are often emblematic of a larger imbalance in my life. I leave every session feeling both energized and also meditative. The work she does helps me do my best work without losing balance.”




"In the same way a master chef opens portals using transcendent flavor…Erin Yee has decoded how to do that through the alchemy of scent. Only, Erin’s are quantum, multi-dimensional portals that SOMEHOW magically reveal a scented path that guides us back to the subtle landscape of the soul."


"Erin was able to locate, articulate, and illustrate parts and dynamics about my life in ways I hadn't seen before and used imagery that resonated and felt intimate with my own personal cosmology, symbology, psychology, and emotional imprint. Out of that she created the most beautiful, powerful, sensual aromatic experience I've ever had! My blend is "me" in a bottle, or the me I am working towards becoming."


"Erin’s work is nothing short of magic. She alchemized my soul and somehow managed to capture me in a bottle, this bottle, this scent, this little memory potion is everything I could have wished for and more. Erin’s work has helped me feel more balanced than I have ever been, and each time I put on my oil I am reminded that I am safe and loved."


"I cannot even describe how I feel about this scent. I am humbled to have found her, the smell in the bottle is rare and it makes me want to sing and smile at the same time--it truly does feel like me. It is the most special scent I have ever had."


"This is not perfume. This is my uniquely designed Soul Scent. What Erin does is get to know you--your energy --your heart--your passions--and your needs. Then she goes into her laboratory and slips into Flow State with you on the forefront. What she creates is a scent designed for you and only you. And I am never without it. I use it. As a tool for invitation and protection, for awakening and soothing. I never understood perfume. Because what I was looking for wasn't that at all."


"What I received I couldn’t have imagined in a million years. It is a unique creation and it’s perfect. I cannot get enough of it; it feels like me. "


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